For our client RedWise, WeSquare designed & developed a foundation website in 2 weeks. Also we support this foundation by developing it for a low price and handle the content placed on the site.

Redwise donates a vessel to this foundation.

SV RUACH, 3rd Medical Support Vessel for Papua New Guinea

The SV RUACH (click to see the pictures) has been donated to the YWAM Ships Newcastle, Australia. The vessel will support the medical aid program to remote locations in Papua New Guinea, for people with limited to no access to medical support, be it children, adults or the elderly. This support is regardless of gender, age or religion.

The video representing the work of work of YWAM Ships better expresses then a million words what this means for millions of people living in remote rural areas: click to see the video

Redwise became involved when the need arose to bring this medical support sailing vessel to Australia for final outfitting, before commencing its’ task in PNG. Redwise has delivered thousands of vessels around the world and recognizes this as an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the people of Papua New Guinea via the Ruach’s delivery.

The vessel will be sailed on its own keel to Newcastle without aim for profit. By sailing her with a mix of professional seaman and the help of volunteers, the delivery voyage will be near emission free in the most environmentally friendly manner, half way around the world. This does take up additional time and neatly fits with the first voyage 110 years ago of the steam tug MOP 222-B that was sailed from the Netherlands to Argentina.

We like to invite everyone to join us on this voyage. The passage is planned through the tropics, following the tradewinds. Routing envisaged is from Amsterdam, via the Canary Islands, Carribean, Panama Canal, Polynesia,with a stop in Papeete, and Melanesia to Newcastle, Australia. We will regularly update the vessel’s position, post blogs, pictures and videos of the life on board and at sea and provide news updates. Both on this website as well as on facebook and twitter.


YWAM Ships is actively developing communities by addressing health care and training needs in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in partnership with the relevant national and provincial government administrations. They implement their program, in association with key stakeholders and partners, via the use of a Training and Medical Ship and land-based teams deployed in rural PNG communities. All of YWAM Ships staff, including senior project managers, are full-time volunteers.

The vision of YWAM Ships Newcastle is based on the need for a respectful and collaborative partnership with the people of PNG and Australia. The aim is to see major, sustainable health improvement and education in PNG, while simultaneously seeing relationships strengthened between Australia and PNG.

YWAM Ships currently has two other vessels partnering with the government of PNG to create long-term, lasting impact for its people and culture. The SV Ruach will be the third vessel to join the current fleet of YWAM Medical Ships operating in Papua New Guinea.

We like to invite donors and sponsors to support this cause. This fundraiser will only be active during the voyage and we have committed ourselves to raise as much as reasonably possibly to contribute to the successful utilisation of this environmentally friendly medical support sailing vessel. Please refer to the dedicated page with sponsor opportunities and donation possibilities.

Sponsorship and donations:

Donations can be made by direct transfer, credit card and ideal payments to the account at Rabobank Amsterdam NL14RABO0311625495. Every contribution helps!

We are looking for two main sponsor for Euro 15.000,- who will be entitled to have their name exclusively displayed on one side of the hull of the vessel, and up to 20 sub-sponsors for Euro 1.000,- whose name will be displayed on a rotating banner on the RUACH Medical Support website, and on the dedicated facebook page, for the duration of the voyage.

Two cabins are available during the voyage for people who want to have a unique ones in a lifetime, sailing experience. Cabins can be rented from Amsterdam to Tenerife, from Tenerife to Panama, from Panama via the Galapagos Islands to Papeete and from Papeete via Melanesia to Newcastle. During the passage, it is expected that people are open communicators, willing to lend a hand if needed. It is not a passenger vessel or cruise.


To visit the website:

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