Last week, on behalf of WeSquare, I went to an event in Dublin-Ireland from 11 April to 13 April 2016.

This event was for Partners of Oracle Benelux.

The trip was a mix of business and fun.

On Monday we travelled to Dublin which was a bit tricky as we flew from Brussels airport and there was a lot of security. When we arrived in Dublin we got a transport to the hotel and had some late dinner.

On Tuesday WeSquare got the opportunity to give an elevator-pitch to the Oracle Direct Sales and afterwards there has been some 1 on 1 sessions with the Sales active in the same area as WeSquare (Oracle Service Cloud / RightNow / TOA).
Afterwards we went back to the hotel and had some sightseeing in the city and had a nice meal and drinks…

On Wednesday we travelled to Howth for a great game of foot golf 😉 The scenery was fantastic and our shoes wet! Afterwards we had a lunch and went for a walk in the nearby Harbor. At the end of the day we went back to the airport and late at night I hit my bed at home.

Thanks for the nice great days and good care from Oracle. I ended up with some interesting leads, was able to pitch WeSquare and had some wet shoes

For a video of the trip: 

Wiebe Blankenberg