Smartphones and tablets contribute significantly to the overall traffic of a website. In fact, the number of people accessing websites from their mobile devices is more than those using their desktops, laptops, and the like.

In such a case, it would be unforgivable to not take mobile users into account when developing a website. This means, when you make a website, you should test whether it is mobile friendly on various smartphone platforms and other handheld devices.

How do mobile phone emulators help you in designing a website?

• Mobile emulators show you exactly where problems and issues lie in the website and let you correct them to make the website visually appealing and functional on various devices.
• Testing on mobile emulators works perfectly with touch phones and the ones with the traditional QWERTY keypad
• You can check the responsiveness and functionality of the mobile version of your website across various platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, and the like.
• A mobile emulator makes it easy to test websites and does not require you to test the website on different devices. Developers can test the website on a virtual mobile interface with all the functionalities available on a device.

There are some emulators available in the market and here’s a list of the popular ones.

Mobile Phone Emulator
This is one of the most popular mobile phone emulators being used by most of the developers. The best part about this tool is that it tests the compatibility of your website across various phones like Samsung, BlackBerry, iPhone, and the like.

iPhoney helps you check your website’s compatibility with iPhones. In fact, it is not only an emulator, but also lets you create websites that are compatible with iPhones. You can also test the images and codes in addition to all the functionalities of the website in an iPhone environment with this tool.

This tool, in addition to checking the compatibility of your website on mobile devices, provides you with a score that will help you in judging its potential. It checks the mobile readiness of a website and scores it on a scale of 1 to 5. It uses 30 different parameters, including stylesheet use, media queries, techniques used for caching, etc.

iPad Peek

iPad in the most used tablet in the market. In order to ensure that your webste works perfectly with iPads, you can use iPad Peek. It will replicate the appearance and functionality of your website on an iPad.

Screenfly is one of the best preview tools as it lets you see exactly how the website would look on a wide variety of mobile devices in addition to the traditional laptops and desktops. You can customise it the way you want and test your website under various conditions. This emulation tool is something you must have as it covers a wide range of platforms.

Most of the emulators are free and it is very easy to test your website with these. Mobile use is increasing exponentially, and you cannot afford to miss out on the huge mobile – user market.