In May 2017 we initiated a meetup with the Oracle sales team in Amsterdam. A high turnout, informal chats and some good drinks & bites, made for a great atmosphere to present our growing business and innovative products to our guests from Oracle. So what did we discuss?

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Benefit together
We at WeSquare noted that we have been an Oracle Gold Partner for years, and we now invite Oracle sales to work more closely together. Why? Because our new way of working results in a highly cost and time effective implementation method for Oracle Service Cloud software (OSC), whilst still providing the best quality and performance possible. We believe it is time that we all start to benefit from our success!

New prospects for cooperation
Also, recent internal changes at Oracle, provide new opportunities for cooperation. Oracle’s sales department shifted from a product based approach towards an industry based strategy, meaning that WeSquare now is an interesting partner for multiple teams of Oracle’s sales department, rather than for just a lucky few. At the Amsterdam meetup we had a first pleasant introduction with these sales teams and we enjoyed informing them on our business and products, especially on our implementation package for OSC.

High-quality OSC implementation package
Due to our new operational processes we can now offer a high-quality implementation package for OSC for just € 9,000 ex VAT. We also will have the software up and running in just three to four weeks. As we aim for transparency in prices and services we recently released a cost calculator on our website. This handy tool provides a realistic estimate of the costs for particular OSC implementation needs for businesses. From now on, the Oracle sales team can easily refer to the calculator and provide their clients instantly with an estimated figure for total costs and thus improve their own services.

Teamwork from different time zones
Naturally the question pops up: How on earth can we offer such a cost-effective and high-quality implementation package? Well, in all honesty, all credits go to our team of fifteen, which we proudly presented at the business meeting. The team is spread over two countries: the Netherlands and India. For this special occasion a few of our colleagues from India flew in to introduce themselves and answer questions from our Oracle guests. Working with IT-specialists in different time zones and economies enables us to deliver in a short time frame and to keep the costs low for our clients.

Innovative products for tailored services
Our clever software developers also come up with innovative products compliant with OSC software. This is very useful to a number of businesses that face constraints in using OSC software to its full potential. We help to overcome various common obstacles, by offering smart products such as:
1) Forward & Track;
2) Contact de-duplication Add-in (for international businesses based in Russia);
3) CTI System Integration Add-in (SWYX / ININ / EMTEL).
By considering the business’ particular needs and a bit of out-of-the box thinking we are able to provide customer-specific solutions at all times.

Other WeSquare products
The successful business meeting also gave us the chance to highlight our other products, which are not necessarily related to OSC software. We, for instance, design logos, build websites and even develop T-shirts with integrated hardware as well. Off course, our own website contains a complete list of our services and products for further reference.

Overall, we look back on the meeting with great satisfaction. We enjoyed meeting the Oracle sales team face-to-face and presenting them our business and products in an informal setting. We take pride in being an Oracle Gold Partner and we look forward to working together more closely with Oracle in the future.

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