WeSquare can provide the complete Managed Services for Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) via our (certified) support team in India.

Do you have staffing constraints that make it challenging to keep up with day-to-day administration of your Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) implementation?

Need assistance with complex reporting requirements? Looking for a little extra help to modifying code in your Oracle RightNow Customer Portal pages?

Get the assistance you need when you need it, and maximize the value of your existing Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) implementation. WeSquare Managed Services provide you easy access to a team of experienced professionals who can manage your Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) implementation or supplement your team with ad-hoc assistance , configuration, administration and development services.

Managed Services Consists Of

WeSquare Managed Services can assist with everything from routine administration tasks and coaching to complex configuration and customization changes. WeSquare Managed Services are the perfect complement to your Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) via functional support in the following areas:

  • End-to-end administration
    Turn over your entire implementation to WeSquare Managed Services and leave the technical details to us. Our team can manage day-to-day administration of user accounts, application maintenance , and configuration change requests.
  • Workspace configuration
    Desktop workspaces are the face of your Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) application. We can help add new (custom)fields to capture important customer data, reorganize the layout of screens, and increase the efficiency of desktop navigation via workspace rules to get a 360 degrees customer overview.Even creating new workspaces on new tables (custom objects) can be provided.- (custom)fields editing
    – UI reshaping
    – Workspace rules
    – New tabs
    – Workspace configuration
    – Survey by proxy
    – Browser control (basic integration of webbased applications)
    – Guided assistance control
    – Billed time
    – Collaboration
  • Business rules and workflow
    WeSquare can help efficiently design, build, and maintain business and workflow rules tailored the unique needs of even the most complex business processes.
  • Custom reports / Dashboards
    Timely, relevant, and actionable analytics are critical to any customer-driven organization. Drawing upon our extensive experience across virtually every industry vertical, we can help identify key business metrics and develop those reports to measure and monitor performance against those metrics.
  • Database management
    If you want additional information captured in the system or additional fields added to a workspace which is not there by default. We will assist in the creation of custom fields /custom objects and will make them visible on the (new)workspace
  • New feature implementation
    Your business moves fast – so does the Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) offering. As new features are announced, we can help implement product capabilities relevant to the changing needs of your business.Note: to define what needs to be implemented a (local)consultant will do the analysis together with you. If new features are beneficial, the implementation can be planned. Consultancy cost will be for an additional fee and are not in the managed services cost.
  • Service optimization
    WeSquare can review your current implementation and offer specific recommendations for how your Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) implementation can be optimized to improve the customer experience while reducing your costs
  • Customer Portal Customizations
    Customize the look and feel of your Customer Portal to enhance the user experience and increase efficiency.Note: if development cost is required, development cost will be for an additional fee and are not in the managed services cost.
  • Monitoring
    Monitoring will take place in the following ways:
    – We monitor the Customer Portal website via Monitis.
    – We monitor the application add-ins/integrations via Monitis
    – We monitor the servers where the webservices of (optional) add-ins/integrations will be hosted via Monitis
    – We monitor the Oracle site and will, if needed, coordinate/check with Oracle TechIf any monitoring issue arise, we receive notifications via mail and/or through the Monitis app, which will be handled as prio 1.
  • Reporting / KPI’s
    The following we offer on reporting and KPI’s:Reporting
    1) Monitoring and maintenance
    a. Uptime
    b. Maintenance overview2) Oracle Service Cloud Cloud usage
    a. Usage licenses
    b. Usage websessions3) Support
    a. Amount and type of tickets
    b. Response time
    c. Resolution time
    d. Analysis of the Prio 1 and 2 tickets4) Reporting will be delivered on quarterly basisKPI’s
    The following KPI’s we have
    1) Response times for tickets
    2) Up-time server for interfaces/add ins (if applicable)
  • Maintenance Oracle CX software
    Maintenance software consists of:
    1) Approximately every 2 months (5 planned service packs)
    2) Quarterly upgrades done by Oracle will be tested by us on an upgrade/test site. This to make sure the system and the developed integrations and add-ins will still work after the upgrade.Note: upgrades are not mandatory to do right away. We can postpone releases till up to 2 years.


The support team at WeSquare will field any request or issue you are facing, from a password reset, to system crashes and everything in between. To contact the team, please email support@wesquare.net or use the following url: https://wesquare.custhelp.com/ for which you get login credentials.
It allows us to track all communication, provides date and time stamping and an audit trail for review to ensure you are receiving the best service possible within the agreed SLA.

Once your request has been received it will be logged and a case number produced. This will be communicated to you and we ask that this number is quoted on all future correspondence concerning your query. As a part of logging the request the issue will be analyzed. As appropriate, issues will be passed to Oracle or further information will be requested. We do ask that such requests are responded to quickly as a lack of information could result in a delay to the issue being resolved.

You will be kept up to date on the progress of your case. At any time communication may be made to seek further information. This may come in the form of an email. Before any case is closed we will seek confirmation from the raiser or representative that the issue has been resolved. However, a lack of communication can result in issues being closed. If a customer update goes un-provided for 5 days the case will be closed automatically.

If support (India) is not able to handle the ticket, it will go to our seniors (3th line) to make sure all issues are handled. So you are always sure the issues are taken care of!

Note: if there is a critical situation outside office hours, a special phone number is in place to be contacted.

Prices & terms

We work with the following prices:
1) Managed Services India: 20-23 euro per hour per agent (depending on experience)
2) Development cost India (addins / integrations / customer portal PHP): 40 euro per hour
3) Development cost Netherlands (addins / integrations / customer portal PHP): 75 euro per hour
4) Consultancy Netherlands: 80 euro per hour
5) Payment: Quarterly in advance
6) Contract term: min 1 year

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