To thrive in today’s customer empowered environment, brands need to deliver the best customer experiences when, where and how customers want it. Oracle Service Cloud combines Web, Social and Contact Center experiences for an unified, cross-channel service solution in the Cloud, enabling organizations to increase sales and adoption, build trust and strengthen relationships and reduce costs and effort.

What we do:

Implementing and optimizing your Oracle Service Cloud solution no longer needs to be challenging, time consuming and expensive as Wesquare helps you to get the best out of your solution in the most (cost) efficient way. As a Certified Specialist Oracle Gold Partner and Oracle Reseller partner (EMEA) we are a specialist in implementing in Oracle Service Cloud and your best possible technical partner to develop add-ins, custom processes, integrations and interfaces that have proven to enhance results for each of our clients over the past few years.

“Implementing and improving Oracle Service Cloud solutions in a cost effective manner is what we do best.”

Our services:

Why choose for us?

Our highly skilled and experienced teams – based in The Netherlands and in India – are highly experienced and passionate to walk the extra mile for you to come up with the best approaches and innovative solutions to get the best out of your Oracle Service Cloud and to create the ultimate customer experience while saving both time and budget in the process. Our add-ins can be licensed off the shelf, saving both costs for building and testing.

  • Technically skilled (100% knowledge of all the features and possibilities Oracle Service Cloud has got to offer)
  • 15 years of experience and proven track record in both SME and large enterprises
  • Flexible and solution-oriented approach
  • Short time-to-market
  • On-site and remote implementations
  • Competitive prices (with India)
  • WeSquare as a Service

How we operate:

For each implementation project we use the SCRUM method to ensure a high-quality result in a short time-frame. The SCRUM method helps to analyse and to plan the scope of work and to break the features down in separate items whereas our sprint teams focus on ensuring on-time deliveries. In order to keep track of the progress of the project, each step in the process is being monitored and reported.