The implementation and optimization of your Oracle Service Cloud solution can be time and cost consuming. At Wesquare we help you to implement an integrated end-to-end Oracle Service Cloud solution tailored to your specific business needs and that is designed to achieve the required service level. Our goal is to make sure that the implementation of your Oracle Service Cloud solution no longer is challenging, nor time consuming or expensive. We are proud to uphold an impressive track record in this regard, and always seek to find the most cost-effective approach that enables us to offer you the lowest price for the highest quality.


Succesful and efficient implementation of your Oracle Service Cloud solution

Our implementation strategy focuses on delivering value to your organization as quickly as possible while minimizing risk and reducing unnecessary costs.

An standard Oracle Service Cloud implementation includes the following steps:
  1. Analysis session
  2. Kick-off Functional Design Document (FFD)
  3. Implementation stage
  4. System & Integration testing
  5. Training of the admin + documentation
  6. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and modifications
  7. Go Live & Go Live Support

What we do:

  • We scope the size, scale and the complexity of the implementation project
  • We make an inventory of the external systems that need to be integrated into your Service Cloud in order to generate a 360 degrees client overview
  • We identify the risks that need to be managed
  • We design the best-fit transition approach as well as an integrated transition strategy and an effective planning to ensure a successful implementation
  • We apply the SCRUM methodology to be able to work agile and to address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.
  • We use continuous feedback system and monitoring loops to manage the progress along the way

Implementation – Key features:
• Multi-channel (mail, phone, social (if applicable))
• Knowledge Management (for Agent, Customer)
• Default Customer Self-Service (FAQ, call, ask a question)
• Email, Surveys (NPS), Marketing mailings (if applicable)
• Dashboard (admin/agent)
• Reports (6 customized by W2 & hundreds out-of-the box)
• 1 interface, 2 queues, 3 profiles, 2 SLA’s, 1 type per workspace, 2 dashboards
• Up to 20 users

Transparant and cost-effective approach

We aim to be straightforward and transparent about the costs, which is why we offer and invite you to use our Cost Calculator to calculate the costs for your Oracle Service Cloud implementation.

The Cost Calculator in three user-friendly steps:
    1. Select our competitive and clear base package for an Oracle Service Cloud implementation for the total costs of only € 9,000 ex VAT.
    2. Add the extra modules that fit your specific business needs and to achieve the required service level.
    3. Calculate an estimation of the total implementation costs


Start the Cost Calculator now 

Base implementation € 9.000
Extra users (per 20 extra) € 300
Conversion of old data € 2.400
Integrations with external systems (per basic integration) € 3.000
Extra interface/language (per interface) € 600
Training of Agents (per 6 / 1 day) € 900
Extra training day € 900
Extra mailbox per interface (up to 4) € 300
Extra queues (up to 4) € 300
Extra profiles (up to 4) € 300
Extra SLA’s per interface (up to 4) € 300
Customized Mail templates € 600
Customized Customer Portal € 1.500
5 extra Customized Reports (above 6) € 600
Extra Workspace € 300
Extra Dashboard € 300
Chat € 600
Extra own domain for Customer Portal € 300
TOTAL   € 9.000

Note that the prices in the calculator are excluding VAT, excluding OSC licence fees and excluding any additional SLA.

Also, do keep in mind that we offer additional innovative applications to deploy OSC software successfully in your particular business environment. These applications are not included in the Cost Calculator(see our innovations and select ‘OSC ‘off-the-shelf’ products’.

For extra development we use the modest rate of € 70 / hour ex VAT, so you will keep benefiting from our consistent quality of work at the absolute lowest costs!

Talk to us ( / +31 853 012 993) to discuss your specific wishes.