data privacy laws & cloud adoption in Russia
provide OSC with an option to move contact data to a local database

Do you use Oracle Service Cloud for your business in Russia?
Recent changes in Russian legislation have significant impact on how foreign cloud services can be used in Russia.
It has become required for foreign services to store their data on Russian citizens on servers physically located in the Russian federation.

WeSquare has developed a process that allows for the duplication of contact information and saving this duplicate data external to the Oracle Cloud Service database. Each insert, edit or delete event concerning contact information is synced fully automatically.
This way, Russian users of Oracle Service Cloud will have a sustainable and legitimate way of working with both Russian contact information and Oracle’s cloud service.

• CPM to automatically handle contact
information updates
• Web service to copy data to local
database situated in Russia.
• Transfered data is being encrypted
• Database technology: mySQL

As a Certified Specialist Oracle Gold Partner, WeSquare implements Oracle Service Cloud add-ins, custom processes and integrations that have proved to enhance results among our clients over the last few years. Despite integrating specific OSC customizations, WeSquare add-ins can be licensed off the shelf without basic costs for building and testing.

Please get in touch to integrate our contact data duplication add-in in your Oracle Service Cloud environment.
Be sure to have your data local by Russian law. WeSquare can deliver today and support your solution in the future, depending on what is required.

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