Campaign planning and management
Allow for effective segmentation and follow-up

You have been effectively using the Oracle Service Cloud for your call center agents? Have you ever setup an outbound campaign, segment your contacts database based on desired parameters and provided your outbound call team with a list of contacts to easily follow up?

WeSquare has developed a Create outbound incident add-in. It is now possible to use Oracle Service Cloud for effective campaign management and provide your outbound agents with contacts and incidents to follow up on, within their Oracle Service Cloud environment.

• Contact segmentation and selection tooling
• Automated multiple incident generation on selection
• Queue assignment
• Custom object queue reporting to agents
• Auto assign incident to agent
• .CSV file compatibility
• Campaign integration
• Agent script integration

As a Certified Specialist Oracle Gold Partner, WeSquare implements Oracle Service Cloud add-ins, custom processes and integrations that have proved to enhance results among our clients over the last few years. Despite integrating specific OSC customizations, WeSquare add-ins can be licensed off the shelf without basic costs for building and testing.

Please get in touch to integrate effective outbound campaign management in your Oracle Service Cloud environment and enhance campaign setup and outbound team efficiency. WeSquare can deliver today and support your solution in the future, depending on what is required.

“Improving complete and complex Oracle Service Cloud solutions is what we do best, cost effectively.”