Oracle Service Cloud Optimization
Safe both time and effort downloading multiple email attachments, by selecting the documents you need and exporting your selection with a single mouse click.



Oracle Service Cloud enables you to store all kinds of email attachments (such as contact documents, photos, contracts), and to store them on different levels (organizational, contacts or incident). However, whenever you wish to download these attachments you have to select these documents manually and download them one by one.

This Oracle Service Cloud add-in enables you to access all attachments at once, to select the documents you need, and to download them with a single mouse click.



  1. Access all attachments at one time and view all stored documents at a glance
  2. Select/deselect the documents you wish to download
  3. Create the required folder and file structure
  4. Download all selected documents at once



Are you ready to save time and money by downloading multiple documents in a single mouse click? Contact us to integrate this add-in into your Oracle Service Cloud environment and start today!

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