Optimize the performance of your Service Desk
Make better decisions by eliminating the unknown



Taking control of your performance and becoming  stronger, better, and more competitive every day requires actual and state-of-the-art insights; How many cases come in? What are they about? How many cases did we solve? How much time was needed? How many cases are unsolved? How satisfied are our clients with the solution offered? How did each agent perform in this process?

The enhanced dashboards add-in enables you to design customized dashboards that deliver state-of-the-art insights, and to make better decisions by eliminating the unknown:

  • Bring your data from your Oracle Service Cloud environment and other tools, together in one or multiple stunning dashboards
  • Merge your data to unlock valuable insights and spot trends
  • Design completely customized dashboards
  • Capture insights from your KPIs and metrics in a way that makes sense for your business
  • Gain a better understanding of your business results
  • Monitor the performance of your service department and every agent
  • Manage business results actively and effectively



  • Compatible with all major browsers, Android and iOS
  • Near real-time date
  • Talks to Oracle Service Cloud, but can also interact with API’s and ODBC links
  • No additional Oracle Service Cloud licenses required
  • Create multiple state-of-the-art dashboards
  • Possibility to display the dashboard on the open internet



Are you ready to optimize the performance of your service desk with state-of-the-art dashboards? Contact us to integrate the Enhanced Dashboards add-into your Oracle Service Cloud environment and start today!