GoW (Province of Utrecht) – Project – Dashboard ‘ReisWijzer’
Dashboard ‘ReisWijzer’, integration between RightNow, Twitter and the SMS application.

We are proud GOW (Province of Utrecht) has chosen WeSquare as partner for developing a dashboard with Oracle Service Cloud.

1. Website that shows the statistics in chart form.

2. Continuous background process that updates the statistics. The data is read from RightNow (how many sign-ups per dau, how many mailings sent/opened, etc.), from Twitter (how many followers per account, how many unique followers on all accounts, etc. ..) and from an external MySQL database in which, among other things, shows how many SMS messages have been sent.

About GoW
Goedopweg.nl is an initiative of Central Netherlands Accessible, a collaboration of the province of Utrecht, municipalities, the Department of public works and business (United in U15). We are working together on good communication about the accessibility of our region.

The Central Netherlands region is for traffic and transport the turntable of Netherlands. Daily there are more than a million travelers on the go. That is why it is important that the region remains accessible for everyone. Also during work: right then, it is important to be well prepared for way to go.