We are proud Indpender has chosen WeSquare as partner for implementing Oracle Service Cloud in their energy platform customer contact center.

The goal is an effective customer experience journey at the desired customer touch points. By setting up the system, importing the products, integrating existing work flows into agent’s workspaces and integrating online information flows into the database, new customers will be served efficiently and effectively after the launch of the platform.

Well Oracle Service Cloud is the best option in this case!

About Independer
Independer was established in 1999 with the aim to make the financial world more transparent and fairer. They notice abuse, compare services and products and help people with deciding. Independer ensures to make it easy for almost 1 million customers.

About the implementation
The implementation will be in 3 stages and will be containing:
Stage 1
– Importing products
– Kickoff / Analysis
– Documentation
– Implementation of Oracle Service Cloud
– Develop middleware service
– Customer Portal
– Training for their trainers/admin
Stage 2
– Connect supplier API’s to out middleware service