Improve your neighborhood/Municipals Netherlands)

We are proud Improve your neighborhood/Municipals Netherlands has chosen WeSquare as partner for developing a CTI integration with Oracle Service Cloud

Citizens can use the ‘improve your neighborhood’-website or mobile app to tell the government about loose tiles, road obstructions, bad street lights, good neighborhood ideas, etc.
This integration makes sure all website or app message is synchronized to RightNow and stored as a RightNow incident.
When the government uses RightNow to send an answer to the citizen, the answer is also synchronized back into the ‘improve your neighborhood’-system.

About Verbeterdebuurt
Verbeterdebuurt is the reporting platform for the public space where everyone can participate. Verbeterdebuurt lowers the threshold for reporting problems and ideas for your neighborhood. So you can help improve the living environment along with your neighborhood.

With Verbeterdebuurt you can mention problems (notifications public space) to the municipality. This includes broken street furniture and lighting, pollution, vandalism, unsafe traffic situations, but also pollution by, for example, dog poo.