Sedo GmbH – CTI Integration (Swyx Telephone system)

We are proud Sedo has chosen WeSquare as partner for developing a CTI integration with Oracle Service Cloud

Integration between the Swyx telephone system that is used worldwide by Sedo call centers and RightNow CX.
When an inbound telephone call is catched by the CTI system, the phone number is looked up in RightNow and the corresponding contact is shown as a popup to the agent. The agent can enter information about the conversation in the popup screen and the contact and incident data is stored in RightNow. Lots of Swyx functionalities is built into RightNow, such as searching the Swyx telephone book and redirecting a phone call to a colleague.
At the top of the Ribbon Bar we show a “Call” button. This button allows an agent to make a call directly from a contact, organization or incident.

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