For Tasman Games we have done the developement of their app and CMS :
– Development of the mobile app in .net/C#/Xamarin
– CMS (.net/C#)
– Database: mySQL


– CMS – Create task on locations based on GPS
– CMS – Create teams / game leader to play the game
– CMS – Dashboard to keep track on the progress on the teams, their questions and score
– APP – Team can walk through a city and based on their location task are being unlocked
– APP – Team can communicate with the other teams and game leader
– APP – Realtime insight in where the other teams are and the ranking

TasmanGames ShowCase
TasmanGames ShowCase

About Tasman Games

Tasman Games provides a platform that lets teams get to know their surroundings. Using an Android app they have to travel around the map, answer questions, take pictures and complete assignments.


.Net/C#, HTML, JQuery, mySQL, JavaScript, Xamarin, JSON Webservice.